Life As I See It

A lot of things come and go, but there are things in life that we never let go of. There are a lot of things we learn from life and some we may never fully understand. Like for instance why bad things happen to good people who have not, in any way done anything to hurt or purposely offend someone. But I guess there are some people who do not care if they do so long as they get to do what they want…Sad…I may not be making any sense, but so does life, sometimes…


what my life really means

growing up I thought of things,
of what life really means;
if it is meant for giving
why do most do the taking.

when one loves,
never thought of the why’s, do you?
but apparently some are bothered of the who
would you?

when one falls in love
One aims for forever,
and yet some would be there whenever;
till forever turns to never

I still hold on to that hope
though circumstances said otherwise,
keeping faith to what we have;
believing on reason I am here

Is you…

Starting up!!!

It is┬áinteresting and exciting to start anew. I’ve been through a lot of challenges and a big heartache, and yet I know there are so much more to be thankful for…┬áI am capable and I have the will to keep going. With great hope that there is something coming, a big opportunity… I feel it and believe it… And it’s coming soon!

Walking a thoughtful journey through life